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Traveller World Viewer

Optional Text:
Select a Traveller World Map you have converted to Plate-Carrée format:

This display uses a Plate-Carrée texture and wraps it round a premade sphere:
Any Plate-Carrée will work. You can show your own custom world spinning in space.


Plate-Carrée (Plot kuh-RAY):
A subset of The Equirectangular map projection where The Equator is the Standard Parallel.

The Traveller World "Hexagon Reticulated Icosahedral Dissection" map format.

You can convertTraveller Maps to Plate-Carrée on-line.
Joshua Bell's Quick Converter is much faster and more versatile.

Thousands of Traveller World Maps are available at Jonathan Sherlock's Page.
Visit TravellerMap to choose even more.

Many Plate-Carrée images are available on-line for the Solar System Planets as well as Alien Worlds.

An essay on Planetary Cartography and Traveller.

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